Chitter / Freetouch

Name: Chitter / Freetouch
Soul name: -unknown-
Blood type: Elf and wolf blood
Tribe function: “The Benjamin”
Status: Mortal; living
Magic: -unknown-
Direct Family: Strongbow (father)
Moonshade (mother)
Dart (brother)
Crescent (sister; deceased)

chitter01Chitter is the newest addition to the Wolfriders. Though she is the daughter of Strongbow and Moonshade, she’s nothing like her parents. She’s a real chatterbox and even gets on Strongbow’s soft side. She demands that her father speaks, like she does, rather than his preferred sending and, oh boy, does she get her way.

Chitter is a carefree little cub and clearly brings joy (and sometimes irritation) to her parents, brother Dart, and the tribe.

Recently, Chitter has gotten a new Tribe name: Freetouch. But she’ll always be Chitter to some tribesmen…