Name: Strongbow
Soul name: -unknown-
Blood type: Elf and wolf blood
Tribe function: Fisher (?)
Status: Mortal; deceased
Magic: Sending
Direct Family: Strongbow (father)
Moonshade (mother)
Dart (brother)
Chitter (sister)

crescent01Not much is known about Crescent’s character. From what we see in Wolfrider!, she’s a fisher. She seems to be a carefree, spirited character, though somewhat hotheaded, and has the hair of her father and the eyes of her mother.

The recognition that resulted in the birth of Crescent happened during Strongbow giving archery lesson to Moonshade. Not much is known about her early childhood. We first meet her when she’s receiving archery lessons from her father, when they find out that the wolf Farsong, has been killed by humans. Having killed all of Farsong’s cubs, except Crescent’s wolf friend Windchaser. In this scene we see that Crescent has the same spirit as her father, when she wants to have blood for blood. But Bearclaw does not allow her, nor Strongbow, to teach the humans a lesson, and goes to rescue the wolf cub by himself.

The next thing we see of her, and the last time we see her alive, Crescent’s fishing in a pond when two humans kill her and take her to hang her skull to their pillar of sacrifice…