Name: Moonshade
Soul name: Eyrn
Blood type: Elf blood (wolf blood removed)
Tribe function: Tanner, Keeper of ‘The Way’
Status: Immortal; living
Magic: Sending
Direct Family: Strongbow (recognised lifemate)
Crescent (female; first child; deceased)
Dart (male; second child)
Chitter (female; third child)

moonshade01Moonshade is the Wolfriders’ tanner. Though the process can be lengthy and tedious, Moonshade enjoys the quiet hours bringing the beauty out of supple hide. Moonshade, like her lifemate Strongbow, is quite the traditionalist, strong-minded and with an unshakable ideology. Completely devoted to him, Moonshade defends him even when she knows him to be wrong. Moonshade has spent more years away from her son, Dart, than with him. While she missed him terribly, Moonshade understood and accepted that Dart was where he was needed.

Harder was her separation from Strongbow: when the archer was required to be part of the force set to retrieve the Palace shards, Moonshade followed her own duty, leaving with Ember’s new tribe. Agonized over leaving Strongbow, she found it hard to take orders from Ember, who she felt was no more than a half-grown cub. Things only grew worse each time Ember turned down her advice. It took a false vision of Moonshade’s long-dead daughter, Crescent, to provide a bridge between advisor and new chief.After the quest to recover the Palace shards, Moonshade was reunited with Strongbow and joined the rest of the older members of the tribe to help reestablish the Father Tree Holt.

(Source: The Big ElfQuest Gatherum)