Strongbow Dollz

On this page you’ll find a collection of Strongbow dollz, created by many Elfquest fans. Over the years I have collected all of these, but in time, I’ve forgotten, or neglected to note, who made what. So, of only a handful of dollz I know the name of the one who made it.

If you feel that you need to be credited here, let me know and I’ll add your name (and website) to the list.

JR-Strongbow StrongbowTSOTE_byJeedai StrongbowTCFB_byJeedai kat-strongbow-armor StrongbowEQ13a_byJeedai StrongbowEQ13b_byJeedai DreamtimeStrongbow_byJeedai kat-strongbow Strongbow_Heph


strongshade  moonfamilymoonbowcoupleolderstrongbow2onemorestrongbow




Strongbow2 Strongbow1 strongbowwithwolfmounttektek

Embala-Strongbow_gentstrongbowwithbow1Nightsea-strongbowlilifactory1_500   moonbowsilstrongbowd

dollzstrongbow2 dollzstrongbow  chibistrongbow2 kat-fabiebase-strongbowkat-sprite-strongbow

And a real doll 🙂


( What are dollz? )