This section features stories written by fans about Strongbow or with Strongbow in a big role. While there’s no limit to people’s imagination, there are, however, limitations to what will be added here.

No same sex pairings (a.k.a. slash) and graphic erotic situations, no deaths and/or recognitions of elves that have not occurred in the official ElfQuest comics (for example, Skywise does not recognise Moonshade … or … Clearbrook does not die by humans). I think you get my idea. Try to keep it as canon as possible.

Stories are sorted in alfabetical order.

Aftermath – by Wordgazer
Ever wonder what happened back at the Holt when Madcoil attacked? This story is about many different characters, but contains some in-depth looks at Strongbow’s feelings.

Archer’s Return – by Wordgazer
Being confined to the sleeping furs, recovering from the foaming sickness, Strongbow gives Moonshade a perfect gift. Short, but sweet.

Berry Blight – by Wordgazer
Pike and Strongbow go ‘berry hunting’ near the human’s village.

Caged – by Crescent1325
Crescent1325’s view of what happened with Strongbow when he was caged in Blue Mountain behind what we see in the comic.

Crescent – Freefootgirl
The story prior Moonshade and Strongbow’s first recognition.

Dart’s Decision – by Wordgazer
Details what might have happened behind the scenes that led to young Dart’s decision to stay in Sorrow’s End

Dew and Mist – by Wordgazer
A sweet, emotional little piece about Strongbow and his daughter Chitter.

First Flight – by Tkiana
Strongbow finds himself teaching his skill, unexpectedly.

Giving Up – by Nevaratoiel
This story plays right after the end of the Troll war, after Timmain uses Suntop’s body to tell the story of the High Ones. And the one who most values keeping The Way alive loses faith.

It Will Be Alright – by Kathleen & Wordgazer
A brief cameo on why Strongbow and Aroree might have felt a special affinity for one another in Kings of the Broken Wheel times. The story is told from one point of view, then retold from another.

Joy Above – by Wordgazer
The story of Strongbow and Moonshade’s third Recognition.

Lessons In Pain – by Caeruleus
Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5
The Wolfrider’s capture at Blue Mountain through Strongbow’s point of view.

Spring Cleansing – by Wordgazer
Strongbow and Moonshade coping with the loss of their first cub, Crescent.

Teaching Newstar – by Wordgazer
At the time of Searcher and the Sword, Strongbow and Newstar must both adapt to the changes in their lives.

The Gift – by Wordgazer
Strongbow and Moonshade show their appreciation for Shuna saving his life.

The Learning Part – by Nevaratoiel
Not everyone is happy when Treestump announces that Leetah should join in on the gatherings. And Leetah has to learn a lot about the Wolfriders and their Way. This story plays a short time after the Wolfriders have arrived in Sorrow’s End.

The Name – by Crescent1325
How did Chitter get her name? This is how the author visualised the naming of the new cub of Strongbow and Moonshade.

When Eyes Meet Eyes – by Nevaratoiel
When two elves recognise…