The Name

Written by Crescent1325

**My little cubling, it is time to settle down,** Moonshade sent. **Time for all little good cublings to sleep, the sun is coming up.**

“No, mama. See, Birds singing, rrrrrravvits hopping, wanna stay out,” the little redheaded child said. “Papa say can.”

Moonshade looked to her lifemate, **Is that so, my Wyl?**

Strongbow gave a halfsmirk. **It is still early beloved, why not let our cub explore a little more?**

Just then, the cub looked at her mother and father. A smirk on her round face that seemed to be her fathers. “No think talk,” she exclaimed. “Talk talk!”

With a sigh, Moonshade gave in. “Alright my precious cub, a little while longer. Then, we go to sleep. There is much I have to do tonight.”

With a squeal of delight, the young cub flung her tiny arms around Moonshades neck, and sealed it with endless kisses. “Thank you mama,” she said. Then she grabbed at her fathers hand and dragged him to where she saw a ravvit peering out of it’s hole.

The morning sun that was creeping up started to sting her eyes. She sat down on a log that was near enough for her to see what was going on, and to be out of the suns rays.

As she watched her energetic little cub run after the ravvit she thought how different each child was. Her precious Crescent, long dead, was the moon. Pale and quiet, always moving and yet full of emotions that never was seen. Dart, was his father. Quiet and Dark, yet when he offered his opinion, his barb was sure to hit home.

As for this child, the highones had played a joke on the Archer and Tanner, Moonshade thought. For, although she was her world. She was nothing like her father or mother. Full of energy and endless Chatter, the tribe adored her since the day she was brought into this world.

Thinking back, Moonshade remembered the day well.

Drifting back to the day just a almost a full turn ago. She was stitching a mend to Leetahs new tunic, when a pang in her stomach caused her to double over. Moonshade heavy with cub, tried to walk over to Strongbow. But, she found that her child was too anxious to wait. The cub was coming now. **Wyl,** she sent, **Our cub, comes to join us, and she means it to be now.** In a heartbeat, Strongbow was by her side. Locked in sending, the three shared the work as one. The whole tribe was there to witness the birth of the beautiful She-cub. As soon as she was out of the womb, her chatter began.

And hasn’t stopped since, Moonshade thought to herself with a chuckle. Returning to the now, she saw that her cubling was still without a name. Her poor girl-cub of endless chitter. Looking at her child again, She knew that it was time to name her.

Standing up, Moonshade called to her Cubling, “alright,” she said as her cub came towards her, “you’ve had your moments, my love,” she said scooping her up in a hug. “You have a big night ahead of you. Now off to the den.” Placing her down on the ground she gave her an affectionate slap on the rump, she watched as her little girlcub run to the father tree.

**Big night, Eryn** Strongbow questioned.

**Yes, Wyl,** she responded, her sending laced with love. “Walk with me and I’ll explain.”

The day came and went, and before to long Strongbow and Moonshade woke up to the girl-cub bouncing on the furs. “Mama, Papa, night! Howl!! Owoooo!”

“Yes, my little one,” Strongbow said.

”And tonight is your night,” Moonshade finished. It earned her a confused grin from her child. Moonshade chuckled. “come here, little one. You shall see, just as soon as we are dressed.”

The Archer and Tanner, climbed out of the den with the energetic cub bouncing between the two. The threesome came infront of the gathered tribe. All was present. But, when the girlcub saw her brother Dart, she jumped for him.

With his wolf like reflexes, Dart was able to catch the flying cub. “Little sister,” he said. “you must be careful! What if I wasn’t there?”

The girlcub looked up, curiously. “brother always there.”

The tribe chuckled at the thought of how the nameless cub had Dart wrapped around her small finger.

**Always,** he sent as he offered a affectionate nose rub.

Cutter, standing in front of the Wolfriders, looked over to Strongbow. “Friend, you said to me early that you had something to share with the tribe?”

**Yes,** he sent. Pride gleaming in his eyes, he took hes girlcub from his son. Moonshade came to flank him. Looking at his tribe, he could not contain his pride, and let tears of happiness slide down his cheeks. **One turn ago, the Highones blessed us with a girl cub.**

“Paaapaa,” the girl cub whined. “Talk talk,” she reminded him.

Gathering her in a fierce hug he said, “my chief, her’s is a wofrider soul name.”

“But,” Moonshade continued for him. “The tribe may call her Chitter.”

All around there were nods of approval. For all knew of her rambunctious personality.

A tremendous howl filled the nightsky as the wolfriders welcomed the newest named wolfrider into the clan, yet again.