What’s Elfae?

Elfin Archer Extraordinaire. Or Elfin Archer Extraordinary, if you like. In short; Strongbow…

Isn’t there already a Strongbow site?

When Anna Korra’ti pulled her ‘Strongbow Admiration Society’ (or was it ‘Adoration Society’?) from the net, I’ve been thinking of creating a complete new site for my favourite character. As far as I know there are no other Strongbow fansites. A long time ago, I contacted Anna and she thought it was a great idea. Unfortunately she did not have the files of her old Strongbow site any more, and I had to start from scratch. I just couldn’t let there be no Strongbow site on the net. And from there it kind of evolved into what the site is now.

Why Elfquest?

It all starts with Elves. I’ve always been into the Elf-thing. I love Elves. Just the idea of the beautiful, ageless, immortal creatures. I also had a thing for archers. You know, old school archery. Well, I happened to be in the library, searching for some books for a school assignment. And what did I find between the books? ElfQuest #4: “Wolfsong”. I didn’t understand a thing about the story (thinking Cutter’s name was ‘Wolfrider’, because Leetah said it) but the pictures I liked and so a went to look for more comics… I think it was 1995/96… And I was hooked… and I still (again, actually) am hooked enough to make a site about my favourite ElfQuest character.

Why Strongbow?

As I said above, I love Elves and I love archers. Not hard to put the pieces together. Beside that, I liked his attitude, not the stereotypical follower, questioning his chief’s orders when he doesn’t agree with them. Kind of the standout character. I think his character grew during the quest, and for the better. More obstinate. If they had listened to him in the first place, I don’t think certain things would’ve happened. I love the fact that he only sends, and only when he has important things to say, no chitchat. Maybe because I’m completely not that way. His life mate, his face-fur, his clothing, his hair… what else…

Why extended pages on his family?

For Strongbow family is obviously a very important thing. I wanted them to have their share on this site, because his family is what Strongbow lives on and greatly shapes him. Moonshade is the very most important person in his life and influences him greatly.

Who the *bleep* are YOU then?

Me? I’m the owner of this site of course! Hehe… My name is Nicole, but you may know me as ‘Nevaratoiel’, which is the username I cooked up many years ago. I’ve been an Elfquest fan since I was an early teenager.  20-odd years ago. Some of my other ‘obsessions’ are:

And some hobbies and interests: Drawing, writing (see my ffnet profile), web & graphic design, travelling, hiking, culture, nature… to name a few.

In what languages can I contact Elfae?

Well, English would be the best option, since the site is entirely in English. But if you speak either German or Dutch, you can contact me in those languages too, and receive reply in the chosen language.

It’s been a while since I contacted Elfae and I haven’t got a reply yet. Now what?

Nothing, just wait. It can take a few days before I will reply. I don’t check my e-mail every day, but I try to check it at least once a week. Just be patient and you’ll be fine…… most of the time.

How can I send images or stories?

Images: Create an account on Photobucket.com, Imageshak.us or somewhere else. Then upload your pictures there. Go to the Contact page and copy and paste the URL (address) of the picture into the Message area of the form. If you want you can include a description or an alias you want to be known as.

Stories: Copy and past the entire story, including title and chapter, into the Message area of the Contact form.. If you have more chapters, please send them individually.

Alternatively, as I don’t want to put the e-mail on the website, you can also just send me a message and wait until I reply. Then you can reply with the files of the image(s)/story.

As webmaster of Elfae, I hold the right to accept or decline images and stories.