Elfquest websites

Below you can find some links to Elfquest related web sites. This list was a lot longer a few years ago, but a lot of fan sites no longer exist.
If you have an Elfquest related web site, and you’d like to exchange links, just let me know through the contact form.
The all new and improved Elfquest official website.
A fansite dedicated to Strongbow’s daughter Crescent.

The Definitive One-Eye Website
A fansite dedicated to Strongbow’s tribemate One-Eye.

Newstar’s Den
A fansite dedicated to Woodlock and Rainsong’s daughter Newstar.

My website(s)

Below the websites I run, besides this one.

Gambit’s Royal Flush
My (ex) X-Man Gambit fan listing… I’ve started updating it again, but as of yet, not much has been done… Time, oh Time…


Below websites I visit regularly and I feel worthy to mention.

The Gambit Guild
A fansite dedicated to the (ex)X-Man Gambit. The site has a lot of information, images, and fanfiction, an active forum. As a moderator I help out here and there, and enjoy visiting the site and forum and occasionally engage in discussions.

Archive of Our OwnMy Profile
I’m a fanfiction junky. This is definitely the best site to find fan fiction of your favourite fandom. Here I only post stories that are finished.

Fanfiction.netMy Profile
This is a great website to find fan fiction of your favourite fandom. Here you can find my finished and unfinished stories