Name: Strongbow
Soul name: Wyl
Blood type: Elf and wolf blood
Tribe function: Archer, tribal elder, scout, guard, warrior
Status: Mortal; living
Magic: Powerful sender
Direct Family: Trueflight (mother; deceased)
Moonshade (recognised lifemate)
Crescent (female; first child; deceased)
Dart (male; second child)
Chitter (female; third child)

strongbow01Strongbow is the archer and tribal elder of the Wolfriders. He’s stubborn and overly protective of “The Way”. He’s very conservative and a traditionalist, which automatically means he doesn’t care much for his chief Cutter’s ideas, and challenges any procedure he thinks will disrupt the natural order. He would rather stick to “The Way”, live in the “Now” and don’t worry about tomorrow.

Strongbow hardly ever speaks. Sending is how he communicates. He feels that words just muddy things up. He only speaks when he’s overcome by emotion or has to communicate to someone who doesn’t speak. Even though he loathes doing so. Among the Wolfriders, he’s considered a strong magic user, because of his powerful ability to send.

He’s extremely serious and rarely smiles. He’s a dedicated, devoted, lifemate and father, proud of his two living children Dart and Chitter. He would do anything to keep them save, including killing another elf, which happened when he killed Kureel (member of the Blue Mountain’s Chosen Eight).

Though he fights to keep “The Way” alive and have things stay the same, he can’t help the world around him changing. Especially now that his lifemate Moonshade is also changing. What is to become of their lifelong relationship is to be seen in the ongoing comic arc “The Final Quest”.