The Novels: Introduction

Little Moon had already sunk beneath Land’s Edge in the direction of Sun-Goes-Down. Lagging behind. Big Moon grinned a thin, crescent smile as it wheeled across the star-sprinkled sky to join its vanished smaller brother.

The land was level en wide, stubbled with thick patches of rough grass that trembled in the rising breeze. Boulders like teeth fallen from some monstrous skill littered the ground. The lightning-blasted bole of a long-dead tree stood at a forlorn angle beside a large pool of water. Once the pool had served as a meeting place for an odd and incongruous variety of beasts, a place where, for the moment, predator and prey maintained an uneasy truce to lap the cool liquid.

The Humans owned the pool now. They had come from Sun-Goes-Up in leisurely pursuit of a migrating herd of tree-horns. The tall, magnificently antlered deer seemed no more annoyed by the two-legged hunters who followed and few off them than by the gnats that occasionally swarmed about them.

Where the herd moved, there followed the Human Tribe. This time the small group had been lucky. The deed had led them to water; with their clubs, sharpened throwing sticks, and bone knives, they had taken possession of the pool. For many warm days, life had been comparatively easy.

This is where the novel of Elfquest: Journey to Sorrow’s End, part one of three starts off.

It’s a good thing we, and I mean the die hard Elfquest fans, have started off reading the comics. Any other may think ‘What the…?!’ Well, to be honest, I vaguely had that thought too, when I first read it, and skipped right to chapter two. What a relief!

But being a Strongbow fan, and, before even reading the whole novel, I of course skipped to the ‘interesting scenes’, involving our favourite archer. Which is what these pages are all about; Strongbow’s role in the novels and the insight in his character that you didn’t find out about in the comics.

I can imagine Wendy and Richard Pini intended to novelise the entire Original Quest; yet, they didn’t write all of it. The novels’ tale ends halfway through OQ #15 The Quest Usurped, with the scene of Cutter and Skywise together on a ledge of Blue Mountain, talking about the quest to find the High Ones. Why the Pinis didn’t continue the novels, we won’t know until someone decides to ask them.

Personally, I’m kind of sad about that, because I would’ve liked to read more.

So, as I said, there are three novels in total. I am aware is also the Blood of Ten Chiefs Trilogy, but we’re talking about the Original Quest.

  • Journey to Sorrow’s End
  • The Quest Begins
  • Captives of Blue Mountain

1. Journey to Sorrow’s End

This novel spans the first 5 “books” of the Original Quest:

1. Fire and Flight
2. Raid at Sorrow’s End
3. The Challenge
4. Wolfsong
5. Voice of the Sun

2. The Quest Begins

This novel spans “books” #6 to #10 of the Original Quest:

6. The Quest Begins
7. The Dreamberry Tales
8. Hands of the Symbol Maker
9. The Lodestone
10. The Forbidden Grove

3. Captives of Blue Mountain

This novel spans “books” #11 to #15 of the Original Quest:

11. Lair of the Bird Spirits
12. What is The Way?
13. The Secret of the Wolfriders
14. The Fall
15. The Quest Usurped

This novel starts at the same spot where OQ #11 starts, and ends halfway #15.

Unfortunately this is where the novelisation ends. It’s unlikely there will ever be more novelisations.